Jessica Wilson


We as human beings are composed of layers, created through our experiences.  Both positive and negative life events shape us and make us who we are.  Simply by existence, humans can create layers that are strong, thick; that give strength while simultaneously, these layers guard us, not letting others in.  Life's layers can also be torn away, making us fragile and vulnerable.  Our “human layers” can be likened to the layers of surface built up on the walls in an old home.  Some layers covered and hidden, some revealed through wear, age, and time.  I strive to show these “human layers” through my glazing palette composed of pattern, incising and relief.  Using multiple techniques such as: shellac resist, sandblasting, acid etching, and hand carving, I strive to create a rich surface, comprised of imagry, beauty and complexity.


I enjoy the challenge of creating functional pottery, although, it is not an absolute necessity in the work’s culmination.   I use these familiar forms as a jumping off point, embracing the cracking and breaking that may occur through my process.

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