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Jessica Wilson







Human beings are composed of many layers, created by life experiences. Our “human layers” can be likened to the layers of surface built up on the walls in an old home. Some layers covered and hidden, some revealed through wear, age, and time.  I strive to show these “human layers” through my glazing palette. The use of heavy, cracking slip conveying a guarded layer, covering an area that was once beautiful or adorned. The two contrasting elements allow the viewer to question whether the piece is being covered or revealed; if layers are being accumulated or shed.   


In May of 2014, my sister, Denise, tragically and unexpectedly passed away.  For years after her death, I was consumed with grief.  I found it difficult to find happiness and connect with others. During the first few months, nothing made sense.  I didn’t understand how to cope with the sorrow, anger, and fear that I felt.  Stuck in the grieving process, I did the only thing that made sense to me- make work.  Working in clay has always been the one constant that brings me peace and gives me a sense of purpose.  As I worked, I subconsciously started processing the feelings that I had about her death.  This body of work I call the “Layers Series”.   

JWilson llidded jar 4.jpeg
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